Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's just a simple thought.

        Philosophy is a discipline concerned with questions of how one should live life. "Life" well there is no universal definition of life. There are a variety of definitions proposed by different scientists. To define life in unequivocal terms is still a challenge for scientists. I will not post thier definitions of life. I believe that each individual has his or her own view in this subject for the simple fact that we all live different lives. "Nobody is the same".  Except for the new born baby, that is a bady may be different shapes, sizes, some have hair, others bald, all are different colors,  but all newly babies are the essence of life. See how babies are tought about life is left up to the individuals that raise that baby. Think about it. How were you tought? Were you tought to help others? Were you tought to hender them? To love or to hate? See a baby is pure when it is born. It will grow into an adult one day, and everything that baby or adult experiences in life will form his or her thoughts and opinions as individuals. How do you see your life? You see this is why scientists can not explain the meaning of life. They try to explain the universe, earth, animals, and humans all at the same time. They fell to realize that only the individual can explain his or her existance. Can I explain the meaning of life? Yes I can for myself. "Love, Laughter, Hope, Helping others, Belief in God, and doing my best to make a better day for everyone I know. These are the things I believe in. This is the meaning of my life. Tell me what do you believe in? What is life to you? Life is filled with untold beauty, can you see it?
There are very few original thinkers in the world; the greatest part about those who call themselves "Philosophers" have adopted the opinions of some who went before them. I will not judge peopleI meet even after I get to know them, because you never know how a person will judge or understand one situation to the next. As for me I know there is always room to meliorate.

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