Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to Life's Innovation.

As a child growing into this world of "inspiration," I found myself stairing at something beyond my understanding and explanation. It was small green, slimmy, and showed animation. My Mom grabbed it from me and as she threw it, she looked me in the eyes as she explained Gods creation. From then on I wanted to know the world around me and all of its' rotation. I left home when I was 16 with a very bad deed that closed me in isolation. I went state to state making friends at every migration. With each step I knew that I would gain cultivation.  With each step I felt such anticipation of exploration. As time moved on I went through a major trasformation. See when I was young I was tought morals, values, and looking at others with consideration. So as I transformed I thought of my Mom, my Aunt Glenda, my Uncle Jerry, my Dad Phil and my Grandma with new admiration. For the first time I saw the world in a light filled with not just love of myself, family, friends of every relation, but also a great sensation of salvation. Let me give you the fastest  narration. I have seen this Great nation with resolve and dedication, I travaled learning the gravitation of information that filled my mind with a hugh donation of illumination. Now I have a certain sophistication that gives me dedication to ask what others can see in life, and that if they try they can grasp an inclination of  imagenation, It also showes you that helping others in this world with no limitations is by its self a great Liberation. So that is my realization, my determination, that is who I am, my proclamation. Well at least thats my lifes little innovation.

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